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Dubz Garden is a reputable brand that has gained recognition for its commitment to quality-driven cannabis and lifestyle products, along with its strong community roots. Since its establishment in 2016, the brand has remained steadfast in its core values of producing high-quality products and maintaining a boutique feel.


With a passion for quality, innovation, and community, Dubz Garden is poised to continue its ascent to the top of the industry, providing customers with the highest quality products and an unparalleled experience.


Favorite strains from Dubz Garden you may recognize are: Peanut Butter Scotch, Gelato Plus, Guava Plus, Oreoz, Omertà, Bernie Hana Butter, Ginzu, Ponzu, Grape Gasoline, Triple Chocolate Chip, Monalisa, Jetfuel Gelato, Strawberry Horchata, Coconut Horchata, Sour Mango Horchata, and Amaretti.



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