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Dubz Garden - Indoor Smalls 28 Grams 

Our Gemz brand is one of the consumer's new favorites that just debuted in 2022. 28 grams of some of the best indoor flower smalls on the market. Gemz is comprised of some of our award-winning flowers and is fairly priced for all connoisseurs. 



White Gelato Plus

The aroma is the perfect mix of sweet candy notes, creamy berry notes, and delicate gas notes, marrying together seamlessly. The inhale goes in a different direction than the nose would imply but regardless does not disappoint. Tropical pineapple notes dominate the inhale, complemented by delicate gas notes that begin to expand and take over the exhale for the most part. 

Lemon Gelato Pop

The very inviting nose mixes sweet, musky, earthy notes complimented by delicate citrus lemon and candy notes. On the inhale of this strain, you will find musky, earthy candy, and berry notes. In contrast, you will find lingering musky, earthy notes on the exhale.

Gelato Plus

 The nose of these flowers consists of sweet, creamy floral notes with delicate tropical pineapple notes deep within. Night and day are different from the flavor profile, as seen below. The very aggressive inhale begins with expansive sour doughy notes that are almost guaranteed to make you cough. The exhale evolves to an intense pepper profile with delicate sour notes and thick smoke that feels like it is still expanding on the way out. 


 The nose of Omerta is an extremely pleasant mix of musky, sweet candy gas notes and very delicate creamy berry notes. The aroma really captures the best parts of its genetic lineage. Creamy, earthy floral notes complemented by delicate sweet berry notes make up the profile of the inhale. While in contrast, the exhale takes a complex turn introducing a sharp woody turn while adding soft creamy gas notes.

Jet Fuel Gelato 

 Sweet, creamy notes dominate the nose of this strain by Dubz Garden and Teds Budz. In addition, I am finding some delicate pepper and spice notes complementing the overpowering cream notes making for the most amazing combo. Sharp pepper and milder spice notes.

Coconut Horchata

 Coconut Horchata is more on the Indica side, so expect a creative and euphoric head high. Creating a great calming effect coupled with a body sedating high. Horchata smells fruity, floral, and creamy, making it true to its name. 

Bubblegum Horchata

The nose seamlessly blends delicate, sweet, creamy bubble gum notes. I find the aroma to be a calming, pleasant aroma that I could smell all day long. Soft sweet candy bubblegum notes make up the inhale. While in contrast, the exhale has more herbal, earthy notes complimented by delicate cream notes. 

Creme Glacee

 The aroma is an intense deep mix of cream, mint, and chocolate notes that marry together seamlessly. Also, I am picking up a little bit of the spice and chocolate notes I saw in Oreoz, but I might be mistaken.  Smooth, earthy chocolate notes complemented by delicate mint notes make up the inhale. The exhale, in contrast, is made up of smooth, creamy mint notes complemented by soft earth notes.

Peanut Butter Scotch

Peanut butterscotch has a taste much like your favorite creamy butterscotch candy, with a sugary caramel and vanilla overtone. The aroma is similar, although it does have a twist of pungency to it, too, that pops up as the nugs are broken apart and burned away. The Butterscotch high hits you a few minutes after your final exhale, filling your mind with a slowly building sense of tingly euphoria.

Zurple Gas

The nose has very distinct sweet grape notes and hints of fuel-like notes. 

 I find the aroma to be a calming, pleasant aroma that I could smell all day long. Grape notes dominate the inhale, complemented by delicate gas notes that begin to expand and take over the exhale for the most part. 


Ponzu is great to clear the mental fog but also doubles as a nightcap. One of Coz's favorite strains, it keeps you buzzing but allows for a relaxing state. Through the first pull, you will taste the sweet citrus and earthy notes. Heavy high is recommended for those who want to focus and get creative.

Dolce Gelato Plus

Dolce Gelato Plus is a sweet, smooth inhale with heavy syrup flavors. Smooth, long-lasting high. Stinky, densely packed buds come in dark green and purple hues and put off a pungent aroma that’s sweet, earthy, and woody. The high is balanced, starting off with a nice pick-me-up that eventually lands into stoney bliss. Good for relaxation. 

Mango Horchata

Mango Horchata. Review coming soon.


Ginzu. Review coming soon.

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